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About Us

Established in June 1995, Allied Express Travel, Ltd. has continuously operated in Hong Kong for over 25 years, providing travel services to some 50,000 clients ranging from high-net worth families to business travelers, tourists, expats, and foreign domestic helpers.


What has allowed us to be successful and continue to grow has been our commitment to excellent and reliable service to each client, leaving them with a sense of trust that their needs are managed by experts.


We add a personal touch to our services that you will not find

with other agencies, and certainly not on mass travel websites.


We are here to serve you and are committed to do so with



- Daisy Briones, CEO



Reliable, Trusted Agent with over 25 years track record and history


Unrivaled Service Excellence


Best All-Round Value


“The whole trip went

without a hitch and we loved it. Thanks for organizing for us!”



- Brian & Michelle, Nora, Wes & Anna, Mario

“Our vacation was
magical, thanks to Allied Express Travel's exquisite planning.”


- Ray and Grace

“We are pleased to have you as our designated travel management partner for our Embassy.”


- Consul General, {...}

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