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Hong Kong Government Free Tickets Program

Program Details, Terms and Conditions
World of Winners Tickets Giveaway Campaign

To accelerate Hong Kong's Tourism recover, the Hong Kong Government distributed ~50,000 free roundtrip tickets to certain authorized travel agents in Hong Kong.


We, Allied Express Travel have been appointed as authorized agents for the Manila, Cebu, and Ho Chi Minh to Hong Kong routes.

Terms and Conditions:

1) You buy 1 ticket at the price of 200 USD, and your companion's ticket is free! Both passengers must travel together

2) Book and pay before May 31, 2023; travel any time before December 31, 2023

3) Tickets cannot be cancelled, voided, or refunded; a rebooking fee will apply for any client changes to the flight date/times

4) Airline/Airport/Fuel etc. taxes are not included and must be paid separately for both tickets

5) Minimum 2 days, maximum 7 days travel/stay

6) Travelers must book a hotel and at least one additional travel product for Hong Kong at same time through the authorized/issuing agent, e.g., local tour, land transportation, tickets, etc.

For more info, contact us.

NOTE: The internet and social media is already littered with "fake" offers. We advised clients to book travel only through licensed, known, well reviewed, and authorized travel agents only, especially for this promotion.

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